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Bill Jersey, artist, will be the subject of an interview by Doug Reina at the Reboli Center for Art and History’s Third Friday event, June 15 from 6 – 8 PM.  Mr. Jersey’s latest paintings are part of the current exhibit, Artistic Dimensions, at the Reboli Center.

A native of Port Jefferson NY, Bill Jersey began his seventy plus years in the arts at the age of 17, creating watercolors of historic buildings in Stony Brook and environs for Richard Delano Studio in Setauket. China plates with his watercolor drawings were sold at George Jensen in New York.

At 18, Bill joined the Navy and when the war was over, returned to attend college on the GI Bill, graduating from Wheaton (Illinois) in 1949 with a degree in fine art. An early job as the Art Director on Steve McQueen’s “The Blob” convinced him he wanted to make a career in film. And with a Masters in film from USC, he began a distinguished career, his films garnering many awards, including two Oscar nominations.  But while filmmaking occupied his professional life, painting was always his passion.

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Retiring from the film industry in 2008, Bill moved with his wife from Berkeley, CA to Lambertville, NJ, where he embarked on his second career – painting. His colorful landscape paintings soon received awards at local venues, including the annual prestigious Bucks County Phillips Mill show.

Bill paints most days in his home studio along the D & R Canal. He is a member of the Artist’s Gallery in Lambertville, where a selection of new work is displayed each month. The work in this show reflects his continuing interest in the architecture and history of barns in our ever-diminishing agrarian landscape.