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Art and Music: Gifts for the Soul

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To begin the new year and conclude the exhibit The Gift of Art, the Reboli Center presents another highly awaited discussion by local celebrity and commentator David Bouchier.  Art and Music: Gifts for the Soul will be featured at the Third Friday event at the Reboli Center, January 18 at 6 PM.  Mr. Bouchier was the host of a popular Sunday classical musical program, Sunday Matinee, that entertained listeners on WSHU between 1996 and 2015.  The program wove anecdotes about composers and other interesting facts that related to his selected music.  When David retired, listeners complained that Sundays would never be the same. The January Third Friday gives everyone a chance to hear again his take on this interesting subject.

What do art and music have in common?  They seem like two different languages with nothing to say to one another.  Yet many composers turned to art for their inspirations, just as they turned to the beauties of nature.  Art and music are expressions of romanticism because both appeal directly to the emotions. In this talk, David will introduce short excerpts of music by five romantic composers along with the images that inspired them, including Botticelli’s Venus, the war sketches of Francisco Goya, and the Winged Victory of Samothrace.  

David Bouchier can still be heard on WSHU on Monday mornings or on his podcast “A Few Well-Chosen Words.”  His two most recent books are An Unexpected Life (a memoir) and Out of Thin Air  (essays from public radio).

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