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A Tribute to David

The late sculptor David Haussler will be the subject of the Reboli Center’s Third Friday program on Friday, August 16, from 6 – 8 PM.  The current exhibit at the Reboli Center, Sculptural Dimensions, is a tribute to him and to LIPSS (Long Island Professional Sculptors and Supporters), an organization that David founded to promote and advocate for sculptors, public art projects, and sculpture exhibits.  Two members of LIPSS, Erin O’Reilly and Anthony Ingoglia, will discuss David, LIPSS, sculpture, and their continuation of the sculpture mission.

Erin O’Reilly and Anthony Ingoglia are successful sculptors and were close friends of David Haussler.  They have been actively involved in LIPSS for many years and worked with David in the many LIPSS projects and activities that he initiated.  Both Erin and Anthony have works on display in the current Reboli sculpture exhibit.